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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sophisticated grappling system, which includes takedowns, ground grappling, and submissions. It can be practiced for fitness, recreation, and competitively, at all ages. It is a powerful system of self defence which forms the basis of most modern military combative programs. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is considered a foundation discipline for professional mixed martial arts and combined with a fascinating history and endless techniques, this is a sport you can continue to learn throughout your life.


  • You can become incredibly fit training BJJ 

  • Your body will begin to optimize - in terms of posture, form and functional muscle strength

  • You will develop top class intuitive self defence skills

  • You will increase your brain's capacity to focus and therefore achieve your short and long term goals, even off the mats

  • Training regularly helps to manage your emotional well being

  • You will develop a new sense of inner confidence and discover that any obstacle in life can be overcome

  • BJJ teaches you to check yourself and helps you to better understand your ego. Sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail - and both are valuable perspectives to experience

  • BJJ focusses your desire to lead a more healthy and balanced lifestyle

  • Group training is great for meeting friends and developing healthy and genuine relationships

  • BJJ will open a world of possibilities that you might otherwise not have access to

  • You will learn the essence of respect and to be respected equally, no matter your age, background, size, gender, fitness level

  • The goal in BJJ is to improve yourself not prove yourself



For your first class and if you are new to Jiu-Jitsu we recommend you wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt with no buttons or zips. If you wish to follow Jiu Jitsu regularly, you will require a kimono (Gi). We regularly order gi's from various suppliers with an average price of 70-90 euros.


As per any training activity, you will sweat, so perhaps bring a towel.

Definitely bring along enough water to keep you hydrated. Training in the summer months in Cyprus can be extremely humid, so consider investing in some electrolytes to keep your body topped up with essential minerals.


During one of our 90 minute long classes you will work on your conditioning, through specific warm ups designed to help you learn how to move on the ground, where most of Jiu Jitsu’s action takes place. You will learn various techniques including chokes, locks and how to control your opponent. You will also spar with your partners; however, members are only expected to spar if they are confident to do so.

At BAD DOG BJJ academies, all belt levels train together. This means the more experienced members will help the beginners and share their knowledge and guidance. We are a team, we grow together and we encourage each other to train to our maximum potential.


Respect the mats.


Respect all students.


No shoes, only clean feet or clean socks allowed on the mats.


Bow to the centre of the mat when you enter and exit.


Be on time for class.


If you are late to class, wait for permission from the Professor before entering the mat.


Bow to each of your fellow students before and after class.


Stand in rank order, new students at the back. This allows you to follow experience.


No talking during instruction.


Keep finger nails and toes clean and clipped.


Kimono’s must be clean - a dirty Kimono is a sign of disrespect.


All jewellery, piercings, must be removed before class.


No shoes, food or drinks (except water) allowed on the mats.


Always remember that when you are not on the mats but in public, you are still a representative of your club and your fellow students, so please behave accordingly.


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