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"I'd been following Nick on social media for years and really loved his philosophies on life and was inspired by his history and success in BJJ across the world. I reached out to him as a Blue Belt as I'd started teaching my friends here in Thessaloniki but needed someone to help guide my progress as a martial artist and coach. The Bad Dog BJJ Affliliate Program was perfect for me and I instantly connected with Professor Nick on many levels, and he has since helped me grow personally and professionally. 

My team also love him, he's been able to fly over from Cyprus for regular seminars each year, and he made the trip to Sofia, Bulgaria for the 2024 ADCC event to support the students, giving them all world-class advice before, during and after the event. 


I had the great honour of participating in the Shrimp'n Escape BJJ Camp in 2023, meeting Professor Marcelo Alonso and his team of Black Belts. It was an incredible time, I will cherish the memories and new skills I acquired. I am honoured my academy is part of the BAD DOG BJJ, MABJJ and Carlson Gracie Team lineage.       


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where can you find PETROS?
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Ioan Kameniatou 8,
546 33 Thessaloniki,



Tel : +30 694 9761411

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